Success Stories

CLC has been transforming lives for 25 years. Read their stories.


We could have gone down a whole different trajectory if we didn't find the Conductive Learning Center and for our whole family, really, because everything changed!


During our time at the Conductive Learning Center, we met families across the state, as well as from around the country...


My name is Galen Spiegler. I am 18 years old and a senior at Keene High School in New Hampshire.


Our son’s spina bifida was never discovered during the pre-pregnancy ultrasounds. Instead, upon his birth, the doctor remarked that Gramm appeared...


KJ has developed an attitude that has given him this belief in himself that he can do these things, and so many of them began here at CLC.


The value that CLC is able to deliver on and bring hope into the lives of parents and kids, it's hard to even put a price tag on that.


Conductive Learning Center of North America is one of the most special places on Earth. I have made lifelong friends here. At the CLC, they teach me to love my CP and my body and how to improve it!


"I don't believe any other place could give him the abilities that he has been given by coming to CLC.


As parents who have traveled the world seeking early intervention for our daughter, Sarah (spastic CP), we feel uniquely qualified to share our observation...


I want everybody to know about and have the success that we've had at CLC.