Success Story


During our time at the Conductive Learning Center, we met families from across the state, as well as from around the country, who have determined that this particular treatment is best suited to their children’s needs. In our case, our son has made better-than-expected progress through traditional therapies in certain areas of his development. However, certain skills essential for independence and self-sufficiency had not showed similar progress, prompting us to enroll him to see whether techniques outside the normal medical and educational system might work. After four weeks at the Conductive Learning Center, we were positively moved by the progress our son made in key areas, notably potty training, learning to drink from a straw and dressing skills, areas that until then had proved particularly challenging for his conventional physical and occupational therapists to address. Having participated in both hospital- and school-based/early childhood therapies since he was 3 months old, the strides he made during this program were astounding because they offer a real means for him to achieve independence and self-sufficiency in school and life. Until now, we believed that our son would require a full-time aide throughout his school career, and possibly beyond, to manage his needs. Since the study, we have hope that he will be able to manage on his own or nearly independently in a mainstream school setting, possibly during his early elementary years.

On a personal level, the opportunity to achieve one’s full potential in life and to be an active participant in society is an opportunity that should be denied to no one.

Jodi - Mother of Benjamin

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