Success Story


My name is Maclean Sarr. I am 20 years old from Westbrook Connecticut. I've been coming to the CLC since January of 2009, ten years. A lot has changed in those ten years I've been coming here in my own life. My family has moved from New Mexico to Connecticut. I have lived in four houses, gone to three different schools and lived in two different states during that time. I have also gone from a third grader to a junior in High School.

Through all the changes in my personal life, the CLC has been a constant in my life. The first time I came I was a little hesitant. I had had a difficult experience the last time I tried Conductive Education at a camp in my home area. It took some persuasion by my mother to get me to come and try the CLC. But from that first session on, I knew I had found my place. Part of the reason I love coming back is because the staff is positive, uplifting, and encouraging. They always make me try my best. In the eight years I have been coming I normally come for 3 or 4 weeks twice a year, the summer camp and a winter session and each time I come back most of my friends are back as well, with some new ones every once in a while. I feel a very close bond with my CLC friends.

Finally, the main reason I come to the CLC twice a year is because of the work. I'm not going to lie, it is hard work, but it has amazing benefits. For me it is easier to do every day little things like putting on my shirt and taking off my braces and shoes. Without the CLC in my life who knows where I would be? And no matter what changes in my life, I know I will always have the CLC.”

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