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April 1, 2022
General Announcement

Get to Know Board Member: Matt Smith

Job Title & Employer:

Human Resource Analyst, Meijer Inc.    


What are your favorite hobbies?              

I enjoy writing, reading, digital painting, spending timewith friends, public speaking, and physical activity


How did you get involved with CLC?

I first got involved with CLC as a student in the summer of1998 I believe. We had tried several physical therapy treatments to no availand my family and I heard about CLC. I began when I was two years old and sincethen ,CLC has helped me develop many skills which provide me with much neededindependence. Its unique approach helped me learn the skills I needed to beable to live at college, graduate, and pursue a full-time career.        


What draws you to CLC’s mission?

I am drawn to the mission because I know from personalexperience that this program makes a world of difference. Without it, I wouldnot be able to do what I am able to do today nor would I be in the position I’min. To me, it’s important that other individuals that might be in the samesituation I am in are provided with the same opportunities I’ve been providedwith. CLC works. It is a Family. It is unique and is something that more peopleneed to be exposed to because they don’t realize how much of a difference itmakes. This is not just something that works in a classroom - it has atrickle-down effect that supports students well beyond when they graduate. Thiswas my opportunity to give back to an organization that has changed my life.


What do you want to share about CLC and its programs thatsome readers may not know?

A unique thing about conductive education is that it isindividualized while still giving students the opportunity to work together toovercome challenges and difficulties. To me, one of the most important parts ofthe program is the relationships and the camaraderie you build as you’re tryingto overcome these challenges. It may be something as simple as brushing yourteeth, but for a lot of the students that is a monumental achievement. Everyonehas their story that is worth sharing.


What is your advice to someone who is looking for ways tohelp CLC and get more involved?

Each person has an opportunity to make adifference—especially at CLC. The whole organization is about coming togetherdespite physical limitations or challenges. I would encourage somebody who istrying to get involved that this is a safe place. Anyone can get involved andhave a big impact.

                                            Everylittle bit counts.