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March 4, 2021
General Announcement

Get to Know Board Member: Bill Shefferly

Position with CLC: Treasurer and Secretary, Board of Directors


Job Title & Employer: Financial Services Specialist, Grand Rapids

Public Schools


Tell us a little about yourself:

I grew up in Dearborn, MI and after graduating from Western Michigan University, I was drafted into the US Army for 2 years.  I am married (Mary for 47 years) and have two grown sons (Tom and Bob) and a daughter in law Kim.  I am a CPA and have worked in public accounting, professional services, and higher education (Ferris State University & Aquinas College.) I have been with GRPS for the past 10 years. My favorite hobby is golf.



How did you get involved with CLC?

I was Harry Knopke’s (CLC Board President and Former President of Aquinas College) VP for Finance at Aquinas when the CLC was created and worked directly with the CLC staff who were then part of the College’s School of Education.  When the previous Board Treasurer resigned, Harry asked me to serve, which I happily agreed to do.


What draws you to CLC’s mission?

The children and young adults whose lives improve significantly from conductive education principles taught by a wonderful staff.


What would you want to share about CLC and its programs that maybe some readers don’t know?

I want to emphasize the quality of the teachers and staff who love and care for every student on a daily basis.  Also, that the CLC is the only conductive education school in North America that has an ongoing professional relationship with Peto, which is the world’s leader in conductive education, and adheres to Peto’s teaching principles.


What is your advice to someone who is looking for ways to help CLC and get more involved?

To serve on a committee such as instructional programming, events, or other development initiatives. Also consider making a financial gift.

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