Our Supporters

Thank You to Our Supporters

Dedicated community members and organizations support our mission each year with their generous donations.

16+ Years
Frey Foundation
Henry A. Fox Jr. and Kathleen O'Brien Fox Charitable Foundation
Mary Free Bed
Rite Aid
Rosenzweig-Coopersmith Foundation
Sebastian Foundation
Rick and Loy Adamy
Lee and Shelley Anderson
Steve and Mary Anderson
Bob and Kathy Barker
Mike and Marilyn Best
Andrew and Christi Blum
Christine Botsford
Paul and Cathy Boyer
Brian and Melinda Breslin
Mark and Martha Campbell
Steve Caudill
Mark Clarke and Joyce Emberton
Orson and Sharon Coe
Thomas and Susan English
Don and Laurie Gardner
James and Sue Garofalo
Ulrike Hart
Art and Betsy Hasse
Ken and Janice Hoexum
Earl and Donnalee Holton
Marty Hoos
John and Sandra Hooyer
Win and Kyle Irwin
Harry and Sheila Knopke
Melissa Larson
Gary and Barbara Leddick
Bill and Heather Lehrmann
David and Sheryl Livingston
Shawn and Kathryn McCabe
Ryan and Kim McLaughlin
John and Julie Merchun
Mark and Susan Perlick
Jan Postma
Pat Renucci
Sharron Reynolds
Linda Ritch
Chuck and Kelly Saur
David and Lynn Seeber
Katie Smith
Michael and Anne Smith
Albert and Bertina Sprich
Barbara Steil
Robert and Iva Tol
Mark and Rhea Troy
Bob and Judy VanDongen
Steve and Kim Waltman
James and Phyllis Wynsma
11 to 15 Years
Ferris State University
Huizenga Group
Warner Norcross + Judd
KRW Foundation
Richard H. Brown Foundation
The Douglas and Maria Devos Foundation
Alan and Debbie Abraham
Kevin and Molly Anderson
Jo Bell
Shannon Biros
Mark and Cathy Bissell
Scott and Jasmine Breslin
Robert and Cindy Dame
Bob and Kathy Eager
David and Patsy Eisler
Robert and Becky Gainok
Daniel and Laura Gilmore
Ryan and Michelle Hall
Eric and Joanne Harrison
Dave and Sarah Hildenbrand
Dellvan and Joyce Hoezee
Dirk and June Hoffius
Peter and Eileen Kintner
Dave and Angela Korte
Blake and Mary Krueger
Andre and Christy Lebaron
Brian and Susan Lennon
Michael and Diane Leoni
Randy and Marcia MacGeorge
Peter and Christine MacGregor
Judith McCabe
Mike and Janet McCasey
Bill and Susie Millard
James and Amie Moran
Mark and Elizabeth Murray
Matt and Susan Nelson
David and Susan Nemmers
Nigel Paneth and Ellen Pollak
Sean and Casey Parini
Tom and Christine Pfennig
Phillip and Leslie Porter
Margaret Potter
Ande Roeser
James and Ann Rosloniec
Robert and Trudy Schalm
Jeanine Sepanik
Edwin and Tracey Spencer
Jim and Terry Stelter
Michael and Angel Tomac
Randy and Linda Wagner
Tracy Wink
Matt and Jessica Wolterstorff
David and Camilla Zawacki
David and Jane Zylstra
6 to 10 Years
Legacy Trust
The Charles Foundation
The Fund for Conductive Education, Inc
Theodore Eckert Foundation
Wolverine Building Group
Pat Brewer Betz
Steve and Cheryl Boshoven
Chris and Erin Brede
Wendell and Helen Christoff
Derek and Melinda Cook
Paul and Cathy Cooper
Joy DeBoer
Dematic Employee Association
Beth Dittrich
John and Billie Ericson
John Estabrook
Romulo Garcia and Maria MoraBowen
Megan Geerling
John and Rita Grant
Tom and Natalie Harrold
Maura Hawkins
Andy and Lindsay Hess
Theodore and Barbara Hohman
Jake and Erin Jackson
Andy and Claire Johnston
Chris and Keri Kalish
Rick and Jen Keyes
Ginni Knape
John and Arnette Kraus
Dennis and Karen Krezenski
Kathy Krezenski
Sean Krezenski
Jason Lamoreaux
Joan Lennon
Don and Patricia Lipinski
Jill Marewski
Adrian and Julie McPhillips
John and Jane Meilner
Donovan and Jennifer Moo
Justin and Jessica Mortier
Jim and Teresa Nicholson
Delaney Nofziger
James and Sharon Norman
Robert and Lisa Novosad
Timothy and Shann Patton
Joan Powaser
Jerome and Julie Powaser
Mike and Lisa Powaser
Mark and Kathy Reed
Joe and Amy Roberson
Patricia Sanchez
David and Elise Twyman
Lynne Unger
John and Amanda Van Fossen
Ron and Molly Vincent
Debi Wallis
Scott and Lynn Watts
Matt and Leah Wozniak
Cameron Young
3 to 5 Years
Beers & Lints Family Dentistry
Buist Electric
Children's Charities at Adios
Dominican Sisters
Peter Albertini
Simon and Mary Vander Kooy Foundation
True North
Jodi Albaitis
Peter and Christine Albertini
Alex and Amanda Avery
Stacey Baker
Chad and Mindy Beers
Royce and Margie Beers
John Carroll
Liz Carvalho
Scott and Suzanne Charon
Helene Cridge
Nelson De Leon and Carol Wood
Kevin and Carol DelRaso
Matt and Robin Dhaseleer
Bob and Ruth Fatchett
Leslie Fiore
Mary Beth Fitzgerald
Melanie Fox
Nathan and Angela Freier
Mark and Debbie Freier
Candace Gawne
Paul and Lynn Getzin
Howard Green
Paul and Ruth Guenther
Chris Hain and Tracey Fulton
Brad Harriger
Brad Harriger
Brad Harriger
John and Loraine Heim
Darrel Herweyer and Barbara Barnett
Matt and Laura Hilton
Mark and Denise Hilton
Bill and Marilyn Hilton
Russ Hines
Donna Hodgson
Mike and Sue Jandernoa
Joseph and Nancy Klopfenstein
Mike Martin
Nancy Meyers
Rich and Bridget Meyers
Tim and Sara Monsma
Andreas and Tanya Muehlbauer
Virgina Neuman
Mark and Tammy Nofziger
Matt Nolan
Collin and Kristen Perry
Matthew and Rachelle Phinney
Ray and Phyllis Rasch
Patricia Rasch
Paul and Melanie Rigney
Brent and Michelle Rogers
John and Therese Rowerdink
Paul and Cindy Sale
Kevin and Mary Beth Sarr
Nick and Kara Saur
Judy Schafer
Bruce Sheets
Bill and Mary Shefferly
Patti Sheltrown
Gary Sondergaard
Ed and Monica Spencer
Jeff Steinke
Paulanne Thacker
Sally Turczyn
Allen and Nancy Vander Laan
Jan VanderKooy
Grant and Sarah Velie
Sarah Wagner
Janet Wyllie
Ann Zoellner
1 to 2 Years
Araceli Contreras
Andrew Cook and Jessica Driscoll
Cassidy Cook
George and Alicia Cordoba
Fernando Cortez
Lois Craven
Nicholas Crawford and Maria Mazzarelli
Josiah Cruce
Ricqelle Dahlgren
Vivian Dalton
Mark and Yvonne Darrell
Sharla David
Aaron Davis
Asia Davis
Christopher DeAguiar
Karenina DeVon Harris
Mitch Deleo
Donna Demetrius
Susan Despres
Jocelyn Dettloff
Julio Diaz
Dwight Dillon and Kander McInnis
Aaron and Ashley Dingler
Frederic Djoumessi
Beth and Tara Dornan
Victoria Drake
Christian and Nathan Duldulao
Dan Durkin
Nicholas Economidis
Tony Egues
Eric and Mandy Eizinger
Tonya Elias
Heather Emms
Jasmine English
Brady Enman
Matt Epstein
Jayson and Suzie Evangelista
Alimatau Fall
Brittany Farag
Jim Farmer
Jennifer Fauskee
Roxana Flores-Ajanel
LaRonda Flowers
Karen Foster
Bryan Foster
Thomas and Marilyn Fredrickson
Brad and Kristen Freiburger
Anne Freier-Calabretta
Donna Fyffe and Courtney Weeks
Ana Galaz
Alexandra Galla
Lexi Galla
Franchesca George
Fred Gingrich
John and Rachel Giordano
Bob and Laura Glatz
James Gobee
Claudia Gomez
Richard Goodman
Maxine Gordon
Thomas and Carrie Greenway
Elaine Grenko
Nathan Grenko
Esmeralda Guerrero
Christina Guevara
Jhony Guiracocha
Virginia Gutierrez
Shanika Guyton
Michael Gwda
Bridget Hagan
Bill Hall
Steven Hamstra
Ray and Rebecca Hancart
Richard Hansen
Susan Haraburda
Gene Hardy
Sherril Harrill
John Harrill
Lorie Harris
Tom and Janet Harrold
Dylan and Morgan Hatch
Cortni Hauck and Nick Storrer
Kevin Haviland and Patti Griswold
William Heaton
Jeff and Mistie Henderson
Michael and Erin Henes
Aurele Henning
Angela Henry
Camille Hita
Krista Hogan
Anastasiia Holovniak
Tianna Honeycutz
Rachel Hood
Rusty and Bridgett Hood
Herman Hooyer
Stephen Hornback
Lisa Huber
Bertha Huerta
Mark and Kris Huizenga
Daniel Huizingh